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Athlima Apparel, a powerhouse of custom-made clothing, is lining up a variety of top-grade face masks for wholesale to help you stock up for your safety needs during this pandemic. We’ve transferred our steep expertise and experience with high-grade custom sports apparel into our high-grade custom facemask production. We offer our customers in Calgary all across North America both online and offline access to cost-effective, high-grade wholesale facemasks. As with our custom sport apparel, our custom facemasks are manufactured exclusively in our base location in Calgary and they’re made with Canadian raw materials.

We can print just about anything, and we’re not just talking about regular printing that’s susceptible to wear. Our facemask prints are made with sublimation printing. The heat-transferred artworks remain intact on the masks even after being washed multiple times.


Die-Hard Prints from Dye-sublimation

Users won’t need to worry about their custom prints whenever they have to wash their face masks for germs. Our dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing technology that fuses full-color artwork into face masks. It makes for washable and reusable custom face masks. The prints are resistant to cracking, peeling, or fading, remaining permanently etched in place throughout the lifespan of the face masks. The prints feature remarkable color combinations similar to those found in high-quality photographs.




Get Custom Designs for a Wide Variety of Facemasks

We manufacture custom-made, washable and reusable face masks of all types, from medical to antiviral, fashion, and more.

We’ve got you covered no matter what type of custom face mask you need. We’ll ensure that you don’t settle for anything less than the qualities you desire in your face masks. You won’t have to sacrifice functionalities for aesthetics when getting our custom-made face masks wholesale.

We’ll follow the specifications for your custom face masks right to the last detail. We’ll ensure that they come with the right sizes and material composition. We ensure that your face masks display your custom messages without hampering your safety.

Your safety and satisfaction are our highest priorities. We’ll treat new orders like our very lives depend on it, just like the lives of users might depend on it in a contaminated environment. We follow through all the standard face mask requirements applicable in Canada, even for face masks customized for the cold weather. Whether you’re looking for custom-made N95, FFP1, FFP2, and FFP3 bulk face masks, we’ll ensure that the production process complies with all the necessary safety standards.


Do you Want a Few Facemasks for your Family or a Large Shipment for Your Church or Community?

Whether you’re a distributor or are buying these respiratory face masks for personal use, you can order as many face masks as you want at a highly competitive price. Looking for where to buy face masks in bulk, without hassles. We are here to fulfill your orders with prompt and high-quality deliverables. We have an impeccable track record of timely deliveries.

For pricing, we offer custom face masks starting at $9.99 (Volume discount available!)

Logo/imprint and set up fees are included.

To place your orders, first, you have to provide us with your desired artwork for the face masks. You can either provide us with custom artwork in vector or choose from our gallery. Next, specify the type and sizes of face masks that you need, and then confirm your order. That’s it.

We’ll deliver your cool face masks exactly where and when you want it.


Want more info? Call us today : Phone: (403) 536-0759 | Toll-free: 1-888-883-2747 or read our “Wholesale Face masks Buyers Guide” below.


Athlima Apparel Face Masks

Wholesale Face masks Buyers Guide

Coronavirus has tremendously amplified the need for maintaining a stock of protective personal equipment. It’s now mandatory to wear face masks in public places in many jurisdictions across Canada. Measures like these have been quite controversial, drawing opponents and proponents into heated scientific and socio-political debates.

But be that as it may, if you’ve decided to buy wholesale face masks to help protect your loved ones and acquaintances, you’ll find all the information to do so efficiently and for pricing at affordable levels in this comprehensive guide.

We’ll explore everything you need to know when buying the perfect wholesale face masks that suit your purposes and safeguards your health and those of your loved ones, team members, and colleagues.

Types of Face Masks

You’ve probably seen a gazillion designs of face masks and are wondering “how do I choose the right type of face mask for me?” This question is important not only for you but also for the frontline health care workers during this pandemic. That’s because some types are geared particularly towards healthcare workers, and when you buy them in bulk for pricing at any level, you might deprive those who need them the most.

Nonetheless, the best face masks for you ultimately depends on your unique needs and preferences. The following is a rundown of the most common types of face masks that you can buy wholesale for various purposes:


Wholesale Medical Face Masks

These types are primarily designed for use in medical environments to help protect people caring for the sick to prevent the spread of infectious respiratory secretions in the environment. The mask covers your nose, mouth and chin completely. It’s also the common face mask used for flu.

It’s important to note that this face covering is one of the mostly needed types of masks for front-line healthcare workers. They’re widely used by doctors, surgeons, lab technicians, and other medical personnel.

Medical masks are subject to specific medical standards that help ensure that they’re effective in trapping microbes and small particles in hospital and clinical settings. However, in parts of the world like the US and EU, the term medical mask is broad-based and used to describe just about any mask used in the medical setting, even those with rudimentary qualities.


Wholesale Surgical Face Masks

This type has a superior filtering capacity compared to medical face masks given their purpose. As its name suggests, you need this type if you’re going into an operation room, which is a delicate environment that requires greater care. Surgical face masks help protect you as well as others in the operation room, trapping infectious respiratory secretions from being inhaled from or exhaled into the environment.

The conventional standards for surgical masks hold that they must have a minimum filtration rate of 95%. Some products provide you with bacterial filtration rates as high as 98% or more for pricing that might be slightly higher.


Wholesale Disposable Face Masks

As its name suggests, this type of face covering is meant for single use. It’s specifically made for situations where you have to move between an area of contagion and an uninfected environment. They’re meant to be disposed of after you move from an infected to a safe environment.


Wholesale Beauty Face Masks

This type of face mask is imbued with qualities that promote skin health. When worn on the face, beauty face masks deliver nutrients and essential compounds to your skin cells. They can help you treat various skin blemishes, including dry skin, wrinkles, whiteheads, blackheads, acne, etc.


Wholesale Antiviral Face Masks

Are you primarily aiming to protect yourself and your loved ones from inhaling coronavirus in public places? Then this is the ideal type of face mask you should buy in bulk. These Antiviral face masks are primarily designed to prevent the inhalation of viruses and can be highly effective in stopping coronavirus from getting into your lungs. They also prevent users from spreading infected respiratory secretions into the environment.


Wholesale Anti-Pollution Masks

This type of face mask is primarily ideal if you want face masks for use in polluted environments such as construction sites, factory floors, and other industrial areas. Anti-pollution masks are meant to help protect workers in these places from breathing in toxins that might result in serious health issues. Wearers can breathe in optimally purified air in these polluted environments.

Are you looking to protect your workers from air pollution? Then this type of face mask is a better choice for you than medical or surgical masks for pricing and other reasons.

Classes of Face Masks

Depending on factors like materials, design, etc, some face masks can serve multiple purposes. Some face mask can serve you as a medical mask, a surgical mask, face mask for flu, and a disposable face mask.


This is a type of mask designed to fit tightly on your face with special filters designed to trap out over 95% of small particles in the air, including bacteria and viruses. The N95 in the product name indicates the 95% filtration rate that the mask provides. In addition to filtering small particles, it can also help protect you from inhaling spurts of saliva and other larger droplets. It is the best face mask for coronavirus used by medical professionals.

N95 masks usually comprise an oval-shaped respirator (sometimes attached to an exhalation valve for breathing in humid and heated environments) mounted in front of the mask, with a plastic band that binds the mask firmly over the face.

But unlike the other types and for pricing at any level, N95 respirator face masks require some customization to ensure that the respirator fits perfectly on the wearer’s face. An N95 mask cannot be adjusted to any face. A seal check is therefore required for every use, especially for children and people with disabilities, to ensure that the wearer isn’t exposed by any gaps in-between the face and the mask.

These types comprise three layers of different materials each serving a different purpose. The outer and inner layers are usually made of a hydrophobic material that is impervious to fluids, including saliva, water, blood, and other body fluids. Sandwiched between the outer and inner layers is a middle filter layer.

This is, perhaps, the most important component because it’s the primary line of defense against bacteria, viruses, and other toxic small particles. With a high-grade static filtration system sandwiched between layers of hydrophobic materials, 3-ply can serve you as washable and reusable surgical masks, medical masks, and air-pollution masks. They’re often ranked just below the deck of N95 – which can filter out 95% of small particles – for pricing and other reasons.

With an extra layer of carbon filters or other types of filters, 4 ply masks are significantly superior to their 3-ply counterparts. The extra filtration capacity makes it all the more suitable for use if you’re caring for a sick patient.

In addition, it also comes with an adjustable nose strip that allows for a firmer fit to offer maximum coverage for the nose and mouth.

This refers to air-pollution masks designed to repel non-toxic dust for up to 4 times the limit value. Their limit value is usually inscribed boldly with blue ink on their bodies. Their size is adjustable, so each one is basically a one-mask-fits all.

Similar to FFP1 counterparts, this type of masks are designed to guard against air pollution, but their fine dust filtration capacity is up to 10 times their limit value. This limit value is usually inscribed in bold orange ink on the masks. Like their FFP1 variation, their size is adjustable.

Regions around the works each adopt different standards for their FFP2 face masks.

But in Canada, the approved standards stipulate a minimum filtration rate of 94 percent and a maximum leakage rate of 8%. With such high filtration and retention capacities, FFP2 masks are ideal for use as face coverings for just about everyone in the fight against coronavirus, from doctors and healthcare workers to seniors, young adults, children, and every one in between.

This is the most advanced member of the FFP family of face masks. They can remove fine dust particles up to 30 times their limit value. Their limit value is usually inscribed with black ink on their body. Like its counterparts, it can also be adjusted to any face. The standard for FFP3 masks in Canada stipulates that any FF3 mask must provide you with a minimum filtration capacity of 99% and a maximum leakage of 2%.

Wholesale Face Masks to Avoid

Obviously, all face masks are not created equal, but some are just downright useless. Despite what you might have heard many times over in the news or around the office, not all face masks can prevent people from breathing in or spreading infected respiratory secretions.

Some masks are made of paper, plastic, or other inferior materials that are either unsafe for use on the face or too porous to shield against harmful particles.

Here’s a rundown of some masks you should totally avoid when you want to buy face masks in bulk:

A pita mask with an “N95 insert”

Besides the small circular valve inserted in the middle, the entirety of a pitta mask is made of a porous sponge, which is a piss poor filter.

Homemade face masks

Rather than go through the rigors of searching through Alberta for a good wholesale face mask deal, you could be tempted to simply ask your neighbor, colleague or club member to help you make some homemade masks in bulk.

With the level of desperation these days, we’ve seen homemade face masks for coronavirus made with all sorts of things, from fruits to women’s underwear, socks, cardboard paper, denim jeans, and whatnot. Whether it’s for pricing or any other reason, you just can’t compare these masks to washable and reusable medical or air-pollution masks that have undergone rigorous filtration and retention tests to gain approval from regulatory bodies.

Paper or plastic surgical masks

Surgical face masks, face masks for germs, and antiviral face masks must pass through rigorous quality checks by regulatory bodies before they’re considered as such. Can you compare a mask made with layers of ordinary paper to those made by professionals from materials like high-grade hydrophobic sheets, carbon fiber, spun-bond or meltblown polypropylene, high-density, non-woven polyesters, etc.?

Regulations you Should be Aware of When you Want to Buy Face Masks in Bulk

During, these desperate times, it’s more important now more than ever to be guided by regulatory standards when acquiring wholesale PPE. In Alberta, Health Canada is responsible for setting and monitoring compliance with technical regulatory standards for face masks and wholesale face mask trade in the region.

Health Canada classifies all types of face masks used in a medical environment as Class I medical devices. That implies that wholesalers need to obtain a Medical Device Establishment before they can sell wholesale face masks legally in Alberta. However, face masks that aren’t designed for medical purposes, such as those found in apparel stores, are not consigned to Class I medical devices group.

The sale and distribution of non-medical face mask are regulated under the purview of the Retail Council of Canada. Here’s a rundown of some of the key points of RCC’s wholesale face mask regulations you should have at the back of your mind when you want to buy face masks in bulk in Alberta:

Specified regulatory safety requirements for fashion face masks

There are currently no technical or safety specifications stipulated for fashion face masks in Alberta. The only regulation that you should be concerned with when shopping for wholesale face masks is the Labeling Act. This rule is meant to prevent you from expecting a mask to function in a capacity it wasn’t designed for. For instance, the labeling should inform you to not use a porous fashion face mask in a contaminated environment that requires the use of a medical mask.

This rule isn’t new. It’s applicable to just about any textile item, from wrappers to towels, stickers, and hang tags. It’s a provision under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA) that’s meant to help protect you from buying products that pose “a danger to human health or safety”.

For fashion face masks, the label must clearly state the intended purpose and the fabric composition of the mask. The labels can be disposable since not everyone would love to move around with a face mask that has a cheesy label dangling down from it.

What other general standards apply to fashion face masks?

Besides the Labeling Act, you need to also note that fashion face masks are subject to strings of regulations relating to the trade of apparel items. These regulations include (but are not limited to):

  • Textile Flammability Regulations
  • Consumer Products Containing Lead Regulations
  • Surface Coating Materials Regulations
  • Phthalates Regulations
  • Consumer Packaging and Labeling Act and the Textile Labeling Act

If the fashion masks have medical features, what regulations should I be concerned about?

Some fashion masks can be embedded with functionalities like valves, filters, or wire mesh for pricing at higher levels. However, such features do not call for a different classification of the item, and the same regulatory standards for fashion face masks still apply. The wholesaler would still need to specify that the masks are or are not intended for medical use, and that would then determine the specified safety standards that must be complied with.

Do fashion mask wholesalers need a Medical Device Establishment License (MDEL) to sell masks legally?

Since fashion face masks are not categorized as Health Canada’s class I medical devices, wholesalers do not need an MDEL to sell fashion face masks legally. However, they’ll need one if they’ll be selling the masks with a label that indicates medical use or selling to a hospital or health care facility.

Tips for Choosing the Right Sizes when Buying Wholesale Face Masks

If you want to buy wholesale face masks to help protect others, then the next thing you should consider after legal standards is the sizes. That’s because, regardless of its filtration and retention capacities, a face mask is only as good as how well it fits. A face mask that’s ill-fitting only offers so much protection against small particles, toxic gases, vapors, and other harmful substances.

When buying wholesale face masks for pricing at any level – most especially for child face mask, you need to consider how well they’ll fit on the people you’ll be distributing them to,. You need to ensure that you’ll dish out face masks that are a perfect fit for each person.

How to choose the right sizes when buying wholesale face masks

When ordering your wholesale face masks, you need to specify the sizes you need based on the people you’ll dole them out to. The following a short, reliable benchmark you can use to determine the right sizes of face masks to order for pricing at any level. You might need to have a fair knowledge of the facial dimensions of the users beforehand. A rough figure of the width between the chin and the nose bridge wearer’s face will do. You should buy:

Small and medium sizes for those who measure 112 mm or less

Medium and large sizes for those who measure between 112 mm – 125 mm

Large and extra-large sizes for those who measure 125 mm or more.

The various sizes of face masks you should know of

As earlier noted, face masks like N95 need to be custom-made to fit an individual perfectly. However, with some others, you need to consider sizes based on categories. These size categories can fit a range of facial dimensions. For instance, you can buy small sizes for your kids, medium sizes for your teens and petite females, and large/extra-large sizes for men.

How to conduct a simple leak test for your face masks

Here are some handy tips to use when dishing out your wholesale face masks to your family members, friends, or community members. When the user puts on the mask, make the mask as airtight as possible by pressing your palm lightly down over the pre-filter section (don’t press too hard to avoid distorting the mask).

While you’re doing this, the wearer should inhale and hold their breath for a few seconds. If the fit is airtight, the partial vacuum that results from the inhalation will force the mask to crumple over the wearer’s face. If there are air leakages, the vacuum will be filled quickly and the mask will retain its original shape. When this happens, try readjusting the straps or check for leakages in the inhalation and exhalation valves.

You can repeat this ‘fit’ test as many times as needed with the same mask or a different one until you find the best face mask that’s free from leakages.


More Tips for Ensuring Your Wholesale Face Masks are a Good Fit

The first and most important tip to help ensure that your face masks are a good fit is a physical inspection. You need to check the stocks to ensure that they meet the size specifications you requested for.

On the other hand, you should also advise the users on how best to ensure that their face mask fits them perfectly at all times. First, they should always wear their mask by pulling on the neck band and the head straps first before pulling the mask over the nose starting from the chin and “cup” upwards.

They should also ensure that the harnesses are buckled firmly but comfortably over the head. To create some allowance and distribute tension on the head, they can stretch out the bottom straps intermittently, but not in a way that loosens the mask.

You should also advice them never to fasten the head straps over a hood or a helmet. They should also be advised to always carry out leak tests in every round of use. They need to always check for cracked valves, torn filters or any faults in the mask that might expose them to contaminated air.

Tips for Finding a Good Wholesale Face Mask Supplier in Alberta

Given the gravity of the current times, it’s important now more than ever to buy face masks wholesale made in Calgary, Alberta, Canada by reputable, reliable dealers. There’s no denying that there are some opportunities out there who’d like cash in on people’s desperation by selling substandard wholesale face mask for pricing that’s all over the map.

For starters, you need to ensure that the dealers possess the necessary certifications and licenses from the proper authorities. You need to be sure that they can be held accountable for the claims they make about their products.

You also need to avoid the temptation to overstate the quantity of face masks you want in order to get the unit masks at a cheaper rate. Try to state the quantity of your order as accurately as possible to avoid overstretching your budget and buying more than you actually need. Instead, try negotiating and building a good relationship with dealers to secure some discount for the current or future purchases. Athlima Apparel  is where to buy face masks in bulk.


Is it cheaper to buy face masks wholesale?

For pricing, as with just about any commodity, buying larger quantities of face mask translates to a lower cost per unit. Wholesale purchase is a cheap option for employers, caregivers, and people with large families who need to provide multiple masks to multiple users.

How many facemasks should I buy in bulk?

The first thing to consider when you want to buy face masks in bulk is the number of people who’ll be using them. If you’re buying for family and friends, you can go for a few dozens. If you’re buying for your employees or community members, you should have a fair knowledge of the number of people you’ll be dishing out the masks to.

You also need to consider how frequently you’d want the users to wear these masks. If they’ll be moving around in a contaminated area a lot, then you need to give them multiple disposable masks for adequate protection.

How long do disposable facemasks last?

Depending on the type, a disposable face mask can serve for an average of eight hours before it comes in need of replacement. But users don’t necessarily have to wait for that long before disposing of a mask. A mask should be disposed of if it’s torn, wobbly, or damaged.

Do face masks protect against Coronavirus?

Yes, it does. Medical face masks can help prevent the spread of infected respiratory secretions around the environment, and antiviral face masks can significantly reduce your chances of breathing in the virus in a contaminated environment.

What facemask materials should I opt for?

If you’re buying fashion face masks for coronavirus, experts advise that you go for cotton-layer face masks – preferably those with a thread count that’s 80% or higher. The higher the thread count the higher the filtering capacity.

It’s all the better if multiple layers of cotton are used. Experts suggest nonmedical face masks should have at least two different layers of materials to make them more impervious to microbes and other small particles. Studies show that fashion face masks with at least 2 layers of cloth have a 90% filtration rate.

Besides cotton, you can also opt for face masks made with natural silk and chiffon. But those made with flannel or satin have very poor filtration capacities.

How to store your bulk facemasks

The best way to store your bulk face mask is to keep them inside their packages in a dry place at room temperature. If the face masks aren’t wrapped individually, store them in a closed, airtight container. Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly every time before your touch the stored face mask to reduce any risk of contaminating the entire shipment.


That’s it, folks. That’s all you need to know to buy face mask wholesale in Alberta for pricing at affordable levels. You can maintain an adequate stock of face masks for your family, employees, and community members in a cost-effective, hassle-free way. By buying the best face mask for coronavirus for others around, you’ll go a long way to help protect them and minimizing the spread of the virus.

Above all, the use of face masks must always be coupled with other prevention measures like regular washing of hands, social distancing, and others recommended by the authorities in Alberta.

If you have any questions, please fill the form below, click “Send Message”, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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